Historical Landmarks of New Smyrna Beach: A Journey Through Time

Founded in 1768 by Scottish doctor Andrew Turnbull, New Smyrna Beach and its surrounding area possesses a rich history. It is an area first settled with over 1500 indentured servants of Mediterranean descent – most of which were from the Minorcan Islands. That colonized plantation failed not ten years later largely due to disease. The Spanish then gained control and sold the area to the United States in 1819. Sugar...

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A Guide to Watersports in New Smyrna Beach

Gentle ocean breezes, the soothing sound of waves lapping the sugary shoreline, the tangy smell of saltwater permeating the air…New Smyrna’s beaches are a powerful elixir for the soul. Mesmerizing, they call to us, drawing us in like a siren song. Here’s the even better news. The oceanfront, rivers and bays virtually surround New Smyrna Beach. So, whatever watersports or water-related activities you prefer, you can be certain it is...

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The Hidden Gems of New Smyrna Beach: Exploring off the Beaten Path

New Smyrna Beach is a dichotomy of beachside bliss and cultural charm. Its streets are made for meandering and on them you will find everything you expect from a majestic waterside town. Dig just a little deeper and you’re sure to be impressed by the impossible to resist allure of its hidden gems… Fun on the Water Sure, there are fishing charters and traditional boat tours in the charming waterside...

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What to Look for in a New Smyrna Beach Vacation Rental

A vacation should be filled with fun things to see and do in every direction, brimming with ample ways to relax and rejuvenate, and packed full of amazing scenery. There should be varied dining options from sunup ‘till way past sundown. Welcoming streets should be lined with shops for vacationers who fancy collecting a few (or many) treasured trinkets during their travels. Challenging golf courses should be many and cloudy...

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A Week in New Smyrna Beach: Vacation Rental Itinerary

Monday Coffee with an ocean view Leisurely walk along New Smyrna’s beautiful beachline Breakfast at Wake Up Café Flagler Avenue shopping Soaking in Canal Street history  As I begin to awake, I realize that I’m no longer home. I am staying a New Smyrna Beach’s exclusive, upscale vacation rental, The Inlet – the luxury ocean view condo framed by the Atlantic Ocean coastline and the pristine shoreline of Canaveral Seashore Park. ...

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Why New Smyrna Beach Is the Ideal Vacation Destination

New Smyrna Beach is a coastal gem tucked away less than 20 miles south of Daytona Beach. Its laid back, beachy vibe; warm, welcoming locals; and historic and cultural appeal have long charmed visitors of every make and model. Peppered with old fashioned creameries, seaside shops and art galleries and surrounded by stately palm trees and crystal-clear water along unspoiled sugary sand beaches, New Smyrna Beach is a feast for...

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The Ultimate Guide to Fall/Winter Vacation Rentals in New Smyrna Beach

The sound of the waves gently lapping the shoreline, the sun’s warm caress upon your face and the feel of sugary sand between your toes. How does that sound?  How about spending some quality time in a charming seaside town which is rich in culture and historic appeal, with art galleries, golfing, waterfront restaurants and shopping – all just a stone’s throw away from incredible attractions, several nearby airports and...

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