When nature’s majesty is encapsulated so masterfully in one place, it is simply too tantalizing for a person in possession of an eye for beauty to resist…and that is what you will find in New Smyrna Beach. The sun glistening atop crystal clear waters, lush greenery, vibrant blooms, amazing and abundant wildlife in its natural habitat may top the list, but a photographer in search of a flawless shot will also discover it along New Smyrna’s enchanting historical streets brimming with architecture from days gone by.

What many people notice first about New Smyrna Beach is its beachy vibe, and from the river beds draped in Spanish moss to the unparalleled beauty of our sugary sand beaches, New Smyrna Beach visitors will find themselves flooded with spectacular photographic opportunities any time of day.

As the sun begins to rise, you can almost hear the echo of silence. Then, gentle waves begin to shepherd exquisite seashells and tiny sea creatures to the pristine shoreline that leisurely awakes. The dunes, covered in softly swaying grasses, are just as captivating and, more often than not, spectators may catch a glimpse of porpoises playfully dancing along the surf. 

When evening arrives, a soft blush ascends and melds into vibrant hues that stretch across the ocean’s vast surface, and the beach’s inhabitants (most of them, anyway) return to their unhurried state of slumber. New Smyrna’s beaches furnish a beautiful natural backdrop that has no equal.

Here is a valuable tip for those longing to capture the pristine rhapsody of New Smyrna’s beach…The luxurious accommodations of The Inlet Condos at Minorca are inspirational, just steps from the aforementioned beaches and offering stunning panoramic ocean views of their own. The Inlet, which is one of the most prestigious addresses in New Smyrna Beach, is nestled along Cape Canaveral Shoreline and neighbors Smyrna Dunes Park.

Speaking of parks – specifically those which are the serene natural habitat of thousands of species and offer gorgeous nature trails with lovely flora and fauna your viewfinder only dreams of – New Smyrna Beach has many from which to choose. 

Traversing our waterways is also an exceptional way of immersing yourself within the beauty of New Smyrna Beach. Absorb unrivaled views on a cruise down the resplendent Intracoastal Waterway, on a guided Canaveral Seashore ecotour by boat or while quietly getting a little more up close and personal on a paddleboard. Don’t be surprised if you happen upon a majestic bald eagle, a lumbering manatee or one of our treasured sea turtles. The extraordinary wildlife spotting opportunities are endless in New Smyrna Beach.

Maybe you prefer your perspective from above. Grab a stool Norwood’s Treehouse and get your fill of New Smyrna’s beauty from your lunchtime perch while you nosh on colossal shrimp and sip your margarita. Or climb to the top of Florida’s tallest lighthouse – Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, a national historic landmark erected in 1887.


New Smyrna Beach’s enchanting streets lined with stately oaks and historic architecture will have your shutter finger itching too. This welcoming locale is brimming with antique shops, charming boutiques, art galleries and outdoor cafes from which you can people-watch bistro-style. There is even a real, old fashioned creamery and a one-of-a-kind pet shop where you can take a photo of your pub in front of its angel wings mural before you duck inside for a well-deserved treat. Not for you, but if you are into food shots, the cuisine in New Smyrna Beach is to die for. 

There’s fresh shellfish dripping in butter at Off the Hook waterside restaurant where you can watch fishermen haul in their catch of the day. There’s The Garlic Italian restaurant offering courtyard dining amidst fairy lights and rustic pizza ovens. Or go casual and photograph a delicious crab cake as big as your head (no offense) from the – believe it or not – food truck at the Farmer’s Market. While you are there, you might want to snap the crates overflowing with vibrant red and bright green peppers and so much more!

If you prefer action shots, New Smyrna Beach is loaded with those too. There are engaging events and extravagant festivals scheduled throughout the year in New Smyrna Beach, from art exhibitions, to muscle car shows, to cook-offs, to Bike Week, when everyone gears up for a good time. Take in the sights of a live Broadway-style performance at The Little Theatre or some haunting acoustics strummed by the area’s most talented musicians. The engaging activities in New Smyrna Beach will definitely have you reaching for your back-up memory card!

Don’t forget the tapestry of richly woven history in New Smyrna Beach. Step into the past with a visit to Old Fort Park, which may just be the remnants of the home of New Smyrna’s founder; meander the botanical gardens at Sugar Mills Ruins, which withstood two Seminole Indian Wars; or take a boat ride by Turtle Mound – a 50-foot shell midden and prehistoric proof of the ancient Timucuan Indian tribe.

From tranquil beach scenes, to interesting sea creatures, to gala festivals, lively celebrations and artful exhibitions, no matter what you decide to photograph in New Smyrna Beach, it is sure to be picture-perfect.

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