Board Surfing

If you are not a surfer you might want to try your hand – or your body that is – at body surfing! Also known as boogie boarding, which is actually a brand of body boards, body surfing is easy and fun for all ages and can be accomplished wherever there are breaking waves.

Body surfing requires the use of a small, mini-like surf board where you basically lay your chest to waist on top of the board as you launch in front of an oncoming wave. Avid body surfers will use short, duck-like fins to aid in steering. Sometimes the waves break with such gusto, that one is bound and determined to ride that wave. Keep in mind, that when body surfing, you are actually in the wave, unlike board surfers who ride atop the wave. Therefore when that wave crashes into the hard ocean floor below it, so might you – unless the depth of the water is sufficient to give you enough room to recoil from the crashing wave without crashing into the bottom. We often forget the incredible awesome power of the ocean.

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