If you are a lover of nature, New Smyrna Beach is the crème de la crème when it comes to exploring…

New Smyrna Beach may be famous for its miles of beautiful beaches, but you may be surprised to learn that it is also brimming with nature parks and hiking trails…some of which are, of course, in and around our most spectacular bodies of water and others can be found on the mainland, lush with vegetation, scenic views and wildlife in abundance.

Nature Parks in New Smyrna Beach

Canaveral National Park – the national seashore located between New Smyrna Beach and Titusville, the longest stretch of undeveloped Atlantic coastline in Florida and a sanctuary that is home to thousands of species of plants and animals – may be the most impressive.

However, New Smyrna Beach is also home to numerous smaller and just as beloved parks, one of which neighbors The Inlet at Minorca and is listed as Trip Advisor’s top choice – Smyrna Dunes Park. It’s over two miles of boardwalk along the jetty and ocean with spectacular views of the water, beaches and lighthouse is perfect for undisturbed morning walks. It also offers an approximately half-mile-long dog beach trail for those with furry friends. Another park that is popular with the pups (and their owners) is the New Smyrna Beach Dog Park located at 2641 Paige Avenue.

Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park at 6656 South Atlantic Avenue in New Smyrna Beach is a quiet setting with a boardwalk providing an excellent perch for manatee and dolphin watching. You’ll also find plenty of parking, clean restrooms and picnic pavilions there.

There’s Lake Ashby Park at 4150 Boy Scout Camp Road, with a boardwalk extending out over the large, beautiful lake, scenic walking path and gazebo with benches for those who prefer to take in their scenery while relaxing. 

If you’re looking for great beach access on the parking portion of the beach, 27th Avenue Park, located at 3701 S. Atlantic Avenue in New Smyrna Beach, may be more to your liking. There’s also Riverside Park at 105 S. Riverside Drive, offering walking paths with views of the waterway; and Indian River Lagoon Park, a 90-acre off the beaten trail alternative at 700 Sandpiper Avenue where you will discover old, moss-covered trees, mangroves and a paved trail lined with benches along its loop.

Explore Along the Many Scenic Nature Trails in New Smyrna Beach

Or, take another road less traveled, as the nature trails in New Smyrna Beach are pretty amazing too! The Spruce Creek Preserve provides some nice walking and hiking nature trail options, including Spruce Creek Trail, a 3.2 mile loop for hiking and biking. Wooden pathways with great views of Spruce Creek are covered in a canopy of greenery. The Spruce Creek Westside trail is 5.7 miles for those who enjoy a longer hike and Dons Leeper Trail is a sandy 3.9 nature path.

If nature hikes are your thing, you also might want to give Deep Creek Preserve, with over 8,000 acres of extended and short loops, a try. Or weave a little history into your nature excursion on the Turtle Mound Trail, an easy hike up and around the historic midden.

Sea Life in its Natural Habitat in New Smyrna Beach

With Canaveral National Seashore to the south, the Atlantic Ocean serving as its eastern border, the Intracoastal Waterway flowing between the mainland and the coastal barrier island and its downtown nestled along the Indian River, New Smyrna Beach is virtually surrounded by water. From the miles of pristine white sand beaches, to tranquil back bays and riverside settings, our waters are definitely a focal point within the charming beachside town of New Smyrna Beach. So, whatever you do, don’t miss out on experiencing nature’s splendor via New Smyrna Beach by water.

The ocean, unleashing a potent brew of refreshment and renewal, or soothing our spirits and healing our souls with its calm waters, is home to inhabitants just as magnificent. Consider the manatees, our gentle giants of the sea, who respite within Florida’s warmer interior bodies of water from approximately November through April. One fun way to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures is to rent a kayak at JB’s Fish Camp, located at 859 Pompano Avenue, where you’ll have access to Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park and the cove where they are prevalent. 

Playful porpoises can also be spotted there or on a boat tour along the Cape Canaveral Shoreline, which can also be scheduled at JB’s (along with yummy lunch or dinner with a waterfront view when you are done!)

What you may have heard if you have spent any measure of time here in New Smyrna Beach is that we also treasure our sea turtles who choose this area as a safe haven for their nesting grounds. Sea turtle nesting season – when hundreds of sea turtles emerge from the sea to lay their eggs on our beautiful beaches and sea turtle hatchlings break free of their shells to begin their arduous trek to their new ocean home – starts May 1st and runs through October 31st in New Smyrna Beach.

The centerpiece of a 3,000-mile Intracoastal Waterway system and 35 miles of panoramic shoreline, New Smyrna Beach provides deep water access attracting an amazing amount of sea life and housing a diverse aquatic ecosystem. Another lovely way to take it all in is along the Wilbur Rose Blueway, a paddling trail along the Intracoastal Waterway and tributaries – just perfect for kayakers, paddle boarders and canoers. It begins and ends at Wilbur Boathouse and you will find it, with parking and a boat launch at 4200 S. Peninsula Drive.

The moral of this story is that whether you choose to commune with nature by paddle board, motorboat, or by walking along its tranquil trails or beaches, the experience may be slightly different, but the result is always the same – natural splendor without rival. It’s simply the nature of New Smyrna Beach.

Let’s start our story with the famous Turtle Mound along the coast of New Smyrna Beach, which is a centuries-old structure comprised of two acres over fifty feet high of oyster shells – thought to serve as a lookout for early detection of danger, protection against the elements and proven scientific evidence of Timucuan Indian habitation in New Smyrna Beach thousands of years BC. That is where we believe it all began and this is how the rest of the story goes…

Scottish physician, Dr. Andrew Turnbull, was commissioned by the British to colonize the area. So, he set sail in 1768 – with approximately 1,500 settlers he “recruited” largely from Minorca, of the Mediterranean Islands off the coast of Spain – with the goal to create the largest colony in North America at that time. At first, everything progressed famously. He named New Smyrna in honor of his wife’s homeland in Greece and the colony produced impressive amounts of indigo and sugar cane over the first few years. However, the colony’s good fortune was not destined to last for Dr. Turnbull and his newly established colony of New Smyrna. Certain crops didn’t fare well in the sandy soil and the colony was ravaged by disease and Indian raids. The colony was all but abandoned in 1777, its survivors fleeing to St. Augustine. In fact, there is a shrine dedicated to them at the St. Augustine Greek Orthodox Church on St. George Street.

After British rule from 1763 to 1783, the Spanish regained control of Florida. The first Seminole War took place from 1817 to 1818. Spain, then deciding Florida had become more of a burden than a boon, sold Florida to the United States for $5 million. The United States took possession of Florida in 1821 and the second Seminole War began in 1835. Sugar Mill Ruins, built on the 600 acres originally gifted to Andrew Turnbull by the British Crown, withstood both Seminole Wars and the remnants are now a historical site listed on the National Historic Register.

That takes us to Henry Flagler, an American industrialist and founder of Standard Oil and the Florida East Coast Railway which promoted the effective distribution of goods and services and, subsequently, more settlement and tourism. Flagler expanded his railway from Miami to Key West and 1912 marks the date that Flagler arrived on the first train to Key West as well as the completion of his railway.

Then came the prosperous 1920s, followed by Prohibition from 1928 to 1932. The stock market crashed in 1929 and this area was kept afloat with its citrus crops and the fact that it became a haven for rum running and speakeasies. Another interesting historical fact is that the tradition of spring break began as early as 1930 in the Daytona area. The first theme parks in the area – Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven and Marineland in St. Augustine – also emerged in the 1930s. Disney World followed suit in 1971, further facilitating growth and prosperity in the region.

The result is the remarkable culmination of architectural, educational and cultural historical nuances we enjoy here in modern day New Smyrna Beach. Today, our pristine New Smyrna Beach coastline is peppered with gorgeous properties, the most prestigious of which is The Inlet, offering scenic ocean views and neighboring lovely Smyrna Dunes Park. Loaded with luxurious amenities and safely tucked within the gated, beachside community of Minorca, The Inlet is also nearby all of the rich culture and history of New Smyrna Beach.

Visitors can delve into New Smyrna’s colorful past at its many historic sites, one of which is the mysterious grave marker in the middle of an intersection right off of Flagler Avenue! Earning its place on the “Curious Coast” list and listing on the National Historic Register, it happens to be where Douglas Dummett honored the death of his 15-year-old son Charles. Douglas Dummett was a sugar plantation owner who served as a Captain in a Florida militia to protect the area against Indian raids. He is also known for introducing the grafting of citrus trees to this area. Accounts of Charles’ death – from taking his own life after facing the hardships of being the mixed-race child of a slave owner and his slave, to being accidentally shot by his hunting partner – are all unproven. 

Another mysterious New Smyrna Beach historic site is the Old Fort Park which overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway on Riverside Drive in New Smyrna Beach. Remains of Dr. Turnbull’s mansion? The start of an 18th Century Spanish fort that was abandoned for a new location in St. Augustine? You tell me.

Or enjoy a cocktail upstairs at New Smyrna’s historic Flagler Tavern which served as a speakeasy back in the days of Prohibition.

You can also visit the New Smyrna Beach Historical Museum downtown – which pays homage to it all – for a walking tour or to peruse one of its interesting exhibits, including Native American Artifacts, Railroad Era, Turnbull Settlement and East Coast Surfing, as New Smyrna Beach also has a distinguished 200-year history in the development of international competitive surfing.

Canal Street, the epicenter of New Smyrna’s Historic District, is also a great place to take a stroll. A vibrant blend of specialty shops, art galleries and restaurants, this pedestrian-friendly street, as well as lively Flagler Avenue, are host to the many events held within New Smyrna Beach throughout the year.

New Smyrna Beach may be a beachside gem with quaint historic streets and the vibrancy of lively Flagler Avenue, but it also offers numerous dining options to satisfy every discerning palate…

The Garlic, on 3rd Avenue, is a place where you will enjoy the atmosphere as much as the meal. Enter under a vine covered arbor leading to indoor seating or an outdoor courtyard reminiscent of an Italian garden, draped in tiny tea lights and possessing an unmatched rustic appeal. Dinner starts with crusty Italian bread warm from the oven, served with roasted garlic for topping. If you want to be treated like royalty, you may want to opt for the signature dish of Executive Chef Michael Perri – who, by the way, has worked under the tutelage of Wolfgang Puck and cooked for icons from presidents to rockstars. Chef’s Cioppino is a medley of lobster, shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams and calamari in a tomato saffron broth seasoned with fresh herbs. Pair that with fine wine, Italian beer or a specialty martini for the perfect romantic meal.

If you want to wake up on the right side of the bed, you may want to do it with the fresh seasonal fruit and granola yogurt parfait and grilled muffin of the day combination special at the Wake Up Café, a little further up the way on 3rd Avenue or, if you’re hungry for an affordable down home cooked breakfast loved by locals and visitors alike, head over to Ruthy’s Kozy Kitchen on Canal Street for a Jumbo, which is three eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, hash browns or grits and toast or a biscuit; or the Big Daddy, a heaping plate of French toast or pancakes, eggs and bacon or sausage….but don’t let me scare you, Ruthy’s has regular-sized breakfasts for regular-sized appetites too. In fact, they have pretty much anything you might want in the way of a traditional breakfast.

Now, since we are a waterfront town, let’s talk serious seafood and JB’s Fish Camp which is riverside on Pompano Drive. To be honest, ordering a la carte here and dipping your favorite shellfish into melted butter is absolute heaven, but if you are a traditionalist when it comes to dinner, consider a half pound of peel and eat rock shrimp in season and the jumbo mushrooms filled with JB’s famous crab cake mix and topped with cheese to start; and the Captain’s Platter, which you can order cooked any way you please and comes with fish, oysters, clams, shrimp, scallops, a mini crab cake and corn on the cob, is quite a feast.

The Corkscrew Bar and Grille is ideal for people watching from a quaint historic Canal Street perch as well as mojito scallops, which come in the perfectly seared, very jumbo variety and delicately placed atop toasted crostini slices and topped with an amazing mojito sauce and freshly shaved parmesan cheese. 

Norwood’s (just down the way from The Garlic) offers restaurant dining, garden patio dining and a separate menu in its treehouse bar, which provides a waterfront overlook. The build your own fish dish is particularly pleasing with grilled grouper chef-prepared Mediterranean style and served with coconut cilantro rice. If you prefer your dishes brimming with veggies, the mushroom ragout tossed with blistered cherry tomatoes, rigatoni and cashew sour cream gets a pretty high ranking too.

Blackbeard’s Inn on North Dixie Freeway is well-known for its slow roasted prime rib and salad bar. They also offer pretty much any kind of seafood au gratin style, which is delicious, as is their oysters Rockefeller appetizer.


When you’re not thinking fancy, take it down a notch, but not with flavor, at Panhead Pizza (Guy Fieri was just there too!) where you can order specialty pizzas to die for, including baby spinach, artichoke hearts, Roma tomatoes and feta cheese, which holds a special place in this writer’s heart.

Or Flagler Tavern, with outside decks, an inside tavern and bar and an upper level speakeasy, offers a fun Flagler Avenue vibe and a whole lot of tasty treats. My favorite happens to be the crispy fried candied Brussel sprouts…yeah, I know, but you have to try them! Follow that up with a satisfying shaved ribeye cheesesteak topped with caramelized onions and queso and, trust me, it’s nap time.

Another longtime New Smyrna Beach staple is the Taco Shack, a delightful, open air, authentic Mexican fare restaurant offering dine “in” or take-away on North Dixie Freeway. The Taco Shack is closed Sunday and Monday, but – with a Tuesday buy one burrito, get one at half price and Thursday’s $1 chicken or beef taco specials – it is worth the wait. Or try a homemade fried tortilla bowl filled with mixed greens, tomato, cheese, olives, black beans, corn, sour cream, guacamole, chipotle dressing and your choice of beef, chicken, pork, steak or shrimp…and if you like rice and beans, you really should order their Radical Rice Plate with fried sweet plantains.

If you like your hours happy, Merk’s Bar & Grille on the North Causeway in New Smyrna Beach has one every day from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., 24 TVs and wings with their famous Frankenstein sauce. Another favorite is their homemade summer chips, which are freshly made to order and topped with crumbled blue cheese, bacon, scallions and melted cheddar and served with sour cream for dipping, as if you’d need it!

You’ll find Breakers Restaurant & Bar, home to a menu with 12 burgers voted best in Central Florida, oceanfront on Flagler Avenue. This local is partial to the beach burger topped with blue cheese crumbles, lettuce and tomato, but I like to add bacon. My only problem is that I generally have to split that bad boy. A nice, healthier alternative is their blackened fish garden salad.

Chase’s on the Beach on Atlantic was hit hard by the hurricane, but has come back with a vengeance and Tiki bar oceanfront dining with the same menu as inside. May I suggest the crabcake, which is truly jumbo lump or the authentic Philly, which really does rival the cheesesteaks up in Philly? Oh, and the chicken satay appetizer may sound ordinary, but with a sticky bourbon glaze and Thai chili aioli, is far from it.


New Smyrna Beach is a coastal gem tucked away less than 20 miles south of Daytona Beach. Its laid back, beachy vibe; warm, welcoming locals; and historic and cultural appeal have long charmed visitors of every make and model. Peppered with old fashioned creameries, seaside shops and art galleries and surrounded by stately palm trees and crystal-clear water along unspoiled sugary sand beaches, New Smyrna Beach is a feast for the senses and an indulgence long past due.

Dining Options to Sink Your Teeth Into

Do you prefer your margarita in an outdoor cafe or beachside with a waterfront view? Either way, it really doesn’t matter because you can have all that and more in New Smyrna Beach. Like fresh seafood?

Get the melted butter ready! JB’s Fish Camp is a waterside gem perfect for steamers by the dozen or rock shrimp by the pound. Belly up to a streetside bistro table at The Corkscrew on historic Canal Street or take a stroll along Flagler Avenue where you can dive into everything from a “Retriever Roast Beef Sandwich” with Gouda cheese and caramelized onions at Yellow Dog Eats to a black and blue burger with blue cheese, bacon and an oceanfront view at Breakers. More in the mood for a romantic table for two? Try The Garlic, where you can immerse yourself in its Italian garden-like atmosphere and slather fresh bread with roasted garlic before your delicious meal.

You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Do in New Smyrna Beach

From watersports to unsurpassed scenery, New Smyrna Beach is always jam-packed with fun and adventure. Take a picturesque water tour by kayak along the scenic riverside, schedule a guided Canaveral Seashore excursion in search of our treasured manatees, playful dolphins and majestic bald eagles or opt for a fishing charter on a quest for Mahi Mahi. Climb the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse, visit the Marine Discovery Center, explore Sugar Mill Ruins, cruise to Disappearing Island by boat, hike through one of the area’s numerous beautiful parks. If you’re more in the mood for practicing your putt or a relaxing round of golf, by all means, enjoy that too on one of the area’s challenging, meticulously maintained golf courses You can even drive right on the beach or opt for a more secluded no-drive section of New Smyrna’s beach while seeking some sun and fun. There is always something to do in New Smyrna Beach.

A Coastal Town Rich in History 

Architecture of days gone by line the historic streets of Canal and vibrant Flagler Avenue; and guests of this charming waterfront town can discover New Smyrna Beach’s richly woven history within numerous fascinating venues. New Smyrna History Museum preserves and protects the New Smyrna Beach historic artifacts and information via riveting exhibits and walking tours. The Museum of East Coast Surfing expertly memorializes the accomplishments of dozens of world-class surfers. Turtle Mound is a national park dedicated to some of the few remaining burial and shell mounds of the indigenous, long-gone Timucuan Indians. Sugar Mill Ruins, showcasing remnants of the second Seminole War, has earned acclaim as a site on the National Historic Register. Plus, don’t forget to take in the amazing panoramic ocean view from Ponce de Leon Lighthouse!

A Cultural Mecca 

Ah, but it’s not all just unparalleled scenery, pina coladas and suntans. Culture abounds in the charming little town of New Smyrna Beach. Take the Hub on Canal, for instance – an esteemed organization which infuses beauty and inspiration throughout New Smyrna through art. Atlantic Center for the Arts interacts with the community through its renowned interdisciplinary artist-in-residency program spanning the disciplines of visual, performing, composition and literary arts. Visitors can also browse through the artwork in New Smyrna’s various art galleries including the art gallery and workshop of America’s beloved television artist Bob Ross. There’s also The Little Theatre in NSB, providing community theater and acting classes. Additionally, Daytona Beach, aptly referred to as the Festival Capital of Florida, is home to over 60 cultural festivals and events; and New Smyrna Beach is a very close second with a calendar packed full of street art fairs, live music, Broadway-style theatrical performances and other cultural opportunities.

New Smyrna Beach Even Makes Rainy Days Better

Although most people come to Florida to enjoy our beautiful weather, even when it rains here, the showers tend to be short-lived; and if by chance they’re not, it’s not a problem. New Smyrna Beach has got it covered.

Meander through beachside shops for the perfect souvenirs or treat the family to a movie. There are 12 great shows from which to choose at the New Smyrna Beach AMC, which makes things ultra comfy with reclining seats. Better yet, how about pampering yourself with a hot stone massage, a pedicure to soothe those tired tootsies and ensure that they are beach-ready or go all-in and make the entire day of it at one of many day spas throughout New Smyrna Beach?

In Close Proximity to Everything!

Location, location, location! What’s a vacation destination without convenience? And New Smyrna Beach is an exceptionally convenient locale – nearby so much to see and do. The quaint, historic streets of St. Augustine, Florida’s oldest city; the out of this world rocket launches in Cape Canaveral; the iconic speedway in exciting Daytona Beach; and the world’s most popular theme parks in Orlando are just a convenient drive away.

From a romantic retreat to a girlfriends’ getaway, a family vacation or simply a respite away from the stresses of the world, New Smyrna Beach provides a magical haven in which you can unwind and enjoy the pleasures of life; and The Inlet Condominiums offers the perfect luxurious, ocean view accommodations to call homebase while you do! The Inlet at New Smyrna Beach, edged with over 13 miles of pristine beaches just steps away from each of its condo units and nestled within the 65 acres of the exclusive Minorca Community, is located at 1257 Minorca Way and can be reached for more information by calling 386-409-9212.

The sound of the waves gently lapping the shoreline, the sun’s warm caress upon your face and the feel of sugary sand between your toes. How does that sound? 

How about spending some quality time in a charming seaside town which is rich in culture and historic appeal, with art galleries, golfing, waterfront restaurants and shopping – all just a stone’s throw away from incredible attractions, several nearby airports and easy access to major routes…and what if, while you enjoyed it all, you stayed in ocean view accommodations along Florida’s scenic coastline? Sound even better?

You can have all of that and so much more when you choose The Inlet Condominiums at New Smyrna Beach as your vacation destination, and an easy-to-use tool has been developed to help you make those spectacular vacation plans…

Customize Your Vacation 

For an elevated vacation that is tailor-made for just you, simply visit at newsmyrnabeachinlet.com for the ultimate guide to fall and winter vacation rentals in New Smyrna Beach. It is a comprehensive collection of everything you need for an unsurpassed vacation experience. Newsmyrnabeachinlet.com is a place where you can view some of the area’s most impressive ocean view accommodations. Browse through a wide selection of well-appointed, oceanfront condo units at your leisure. You can search by number of bedrooms and baths, pricing and even the special vacation packages being offered at the time of your stay.

Desire upscale amenities such as a Bose stereo and wine bar? Prefer a view of Ponce Inlet Lighthouse? Would you like an end-unit providing over 3,000 square feet of ocean view patio space accessible through sliding glass doors from each room? You can have whatever you wish for at The Inlet.

On your visit to newsmyrnabeachinlet.com, you will also discover a “Things to Do” section, a helpful outline including items such as a sampling of local restaurants, walking and aerial tours, eco tours and sunset cruises, fishing excursions, scuba diving centers and charters, as well as rentals from bicycles, to surfboards, paddle boats and all sorts of boats. This in-depth vacation site even provides important information and telephone numbers that may come in handy during your stay, as well as a Q&A for commonly asked questions.

Luxurious Oceanfront Comfort

Nestled on 65 pristine acres between the Atlantic Ocean and the majestic Intracoastal Waterway, within the exclusive Minorca Community, you will discover a slice of vacation heaven and the most prestigious vacation rental address on Florida’s east coast – The Inlet Condominiums. 

Guests at The Inlet at New Smyrna Beach will enjoy…

All condo units at The Inlet at New Smyrna Beach provide a balcony or patio with a stunning ocean view; a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art kitchen; a washer and dryer; a spacious floor plan with a comfortable living area and as many bedrooms and bathrooms as you choose.

Close to Everything Could Want

The Inlet Condominiums are located in New Smyrna Beach where you can always find live music performed by talented entertainers and a delightful Broadway-style show at the Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach. There are street fairs with art displays and progressive wine and craft beer tastings, as well as historic walking tours and wildlife tours along its resplendent waterways. Stately oak trees, old fashioned ice creameries, art galleries and beachy shops line the streets; and when you work up an appetite, you can satisfy your cravings at one of its many casual outdoor cafes, popular waterfront establishments or restaurants offering gourmet fare.

If you tire of New Smyrna Beach (which you won’t), you can watch a rocket launch in nearby Cape Canaveral, take a trolley tour through the famous streets of historic St. Augustine or catch a race at Daytona’s iconic speedway. New Smyrna Beach is also the closest beach to Central Florida’s most popular theme parks and everything else Orlando has to offer.

Vacation Without a Care 

The Inlet at New Smyrna Beach furnishes carefree vacations by providing guests with the peace of mind that accompanies on-site management facilitated by a friendly, competent, knowledgeable staff to address and accommodate guests’ needs – a convenient point of contact for the vacation you deserve.

The Inlet at New Smyrna Beach…Exclusive Oceanfront Accommodations

The ocean is a powerful elixir that rejuvenates the spirit and soothes the soul. Its healing properties calm our nerves, reduce stress and even help us sleep more soundly. It replenishes us, relaxes us and renews our focus. It’s no wonder people have been flocking to the beach for centuries. Make the most of your vacation by the sea. Uplift and transform your spirit at The Inlet at New Smyrna Beach. Book your own, personal condo for a few weeks or the entire season – either way, we guarantee you won’t want to leave.

If you would like more information, please feel free to call our office at 386-409-9212. The Inlet at New Smyrna Beach is located at 257 Minorca Beach Way.